Walk-in Shower Baths

05.04.2022 | IndividualAgency

EASY ACCESS FOR ALL Based in the heart of North Yorkshire, Mantaleda manufacture easy access bathing solutions that don’t compromise the style of a modern bathroom. For some, the bathroom is a place to relax and escape, whereas for others it is part of the bed-time routine, especially with children. At Mantaleda, we understand no bathroom is the same, each differs in size, shape and what an individual uses it for and can be an intimidating space for those with mobility issues, with concerns over slips and trips.

Our Walk-in Shower Baths lend themselves to both modern and traditional bathrooms and offer peace of mind for all members of the family. The collection offers households the convenience of a shower alongside the relaxation that comes with a soak in the bath. With easy access and a simple latch lock on the door there is no need to climb in and out, making it a great standard bath replacement that reduces anxiety for many.

While the style and design of a bathroom is important, all households have to take into account practicality and accessibility of the products installed. The UK is seeing an increase in individuals struggling with conditions that lead to restricted movement, with over 10 million people suffering from arthritis or other similar issues that affect their joints. In addition, the last 10 years has seen a huge rise in multigenerational households, over 9 million now live with adults from multiple generations. Therefore, a bathroom with products that are multi-functional and accessible for everyone within a household, is becoming paramount.

The Walk-In Shower Baths that feature in the Mantaleda collection are:


The Abalone has been designed with a modern bathroom in mind for families and individuals with mild mobility concerns. It is available as a walk-in bath or walk-in shower bath, depending on your needs and comes in two sizes (1500 mm& 1700mm).


The Avrail provides a simple yet stylish solution to your bathroom and is perfect for families and individuals with mild mobility concerns. It is available as a walk-in bath or walk-in shower bath and comes in two different sizes (1500mm & 1700mm).


Elegantly designed to fit into both contemporary and traditional bathroom spaces, the Calypso is a P shaped shower bath, allowing for comfortable bathing and showering space for all of the family. There is one size available only (LH & RH, 1675 x 850 x 750mm).


With a contemporary design and easy access, the Carnelian is perfect for any bathroom, making daily bathing and showering as simple as possible. There is only one size available (LH & RH, 1675 x 850 x 750mm).


With its angular lines, the Highgrove is a modern style shower bath which will ensure an overall contemporary feel to your bathroom. With its L shape shower screen and bright silver pillar and return, this bath is perfect for any bathroom needing an update. Available in one size only (LH & RH, 1700 x 850 x 700mm).


The ideal bath for any bathroom style, allowing for easy and independent access to bathing and showering for almost all family members. The contemporary design ensures that style isn’t compromised and the Larimar is a practical bathroom solution that the whole family can enjoy. Available in one size only (LH & RH, 1700 x 850 x 700mm).


Suitable for the entire family, this modern design features a low threshold door and a full width fold down seat for ease and versatility. Available in two sizes (LH & RH, 1700 x 750mm, 1800 x 800mm)

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