Deep Soak Shower Screen

Shower Screen

Now available is our short shower screen which is suitable for all of our deep soak baths.


The shower screen brings a touch of elegance and quality to any bathroom. Designed to deflect water back into the bath from an over bath shower, the screen is an obvious replacement for the shower curtain.


Sizes Available:
1150mm (h) x 610mm (w)


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Glass Shower Screen

The 6mm safety glass shower screen is available to be installed with all Deep Soak Baths.

  • Fitting a shower screen creates the convenience of a shower.

  • Creates an safe, independent bathing and showering environment.

Modern Design

The shower screen features polished silver profiles, pivots at the hinge and has a 15mm adjustment for out of true walls.

  • Offers a stylish bathroom without the clinical look & feel.

  • Creates a stylish yet safe independent bathing environment.

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