09.12.2021 | Mantaleda Baths

As we head into 2022 and look at the trends for the coming year, the unprecedented years of 2020 and 2021 have undoubtedly changed the way we live and many of the current trends we are seeing have been affected or influenced by those years, as a direct result of the uncertainty they have created.

With over 2 decades of manufacturing experience;

At Mantaleda, we understand that wider influences impact how we live our lives and how products must adapt to suit the changing needs of our consumer.




Over the last 10 years, there has been a dramatic increase year-on-year in the number of multigenerational households, with one-in-three (over 9 million) now cohabiting with either their elderly parents or grown-up children. This has only been exacerbated by the pandemic as many elderly relatives were forced to move in with families and grown-up children returned home.   

With the ever-changing landscape in property and rising costs of living, the constriction of finances, and the general population ageing, there is likely to be a move towards the family home supporting all generations for longer. Including the older generation, by caring for them at home rather than moving them into residential/care homes.

The benefits to relatives being cared for within the family home rather than moving to a residential/care home are numerous, from both a physical and mental health point-of-view. They will be in familiar surroundings with loved ones, have their own beds and rooms and are included in the vibrancy of the home and family participation. More than a third (36%) of over 60s in the UK, around 416,000 who had difficulty showering, having a bath or washing before the first lock in March 2020 reported this activity has become even more difficult.

The rewards for the relative living in the household are also two-fold as the family themselves have the relative around them which brings a warmth and also peace-of-mind knowing they can provide the right care in the right surroundings.



As the requirement for multi-generational homes continues the upward trend, families will be starting to understand how the home also needs to become more future-proofed by being prepared for the move into older age with likely reduced mobility. This means that whilst style is important, functionality needs to be a key consideration for consumers in order to ensure their bathrooms are functional for all their family’s needs.

Our range of easy access baths, showers and accessories includes sleek, low-threshold baths that allow for comfortable, independent and safe bathing and showering – without compromising on design. 

In order to further support functional requirements and to offer more solutions for our customers, in 2021 we launched our new deep soak shower screen which is shorter and suitable for our deep soak baths whilst bringing a touch of elegance and quality to any bathroom.  

To be able to future-proof homes beyond 2022 through the ageing population and the caring for, of family members, our accessories ranges can cater for all needs.

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