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MaestroWalk in Bath

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Manufacturing quality G.R.P. bath tubs for over ten years, specializing in innovative walk in baths for the less able.

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For further information about our Baths and services, you can contact us via.
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What We Can Offer!

We particularly specialise in the production of innovative walk in baths, for the less able. We serve all manner of customers.

Maestro Walk in Bath

Possibly the most compact walk in bath available, the Maestro uses the same proven inward opening door arrangement as the Affinity bath.
It has clear uncluttered access, with a watertight door which is effortless to use.
Simply Walk-in, sit down and enjoy a Deep Soak bath or shower.
NOTE: Not suitable for oversize people. Suggested recommendation: User not to exceed 5' 10" in HEIGHT OR be larger than 46" WAIST

If you have any queries about our baths, or any of the services we provide, please feel free to contact us.