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All our baths can be

Fitted with aHydrotherapy Spa

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About Us

Manufacturing quality G.R.P. bath tubs for over ten years, specializing in innovative walk in baths for the less able.

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For further information about our Baths and services, you can contact us via.
Tel: 01609 771211

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What We Can Offer!

We particularly specialise in the production of innovative walk in baths, for the less able. We serve all manner of customers.

Hydrotherapy Spa

All our baths can be fitted with a Hydrotherapy Spa system.
We can fit a simple push button, 3 speed massaging spa to your bath, with 12 carefully positioned jets,
to inject an invigorating massage affect to your bathing experience.

The idea of hydrotherapy, through use of moving water, is no modern trend.
Its use dates back to as far as both Roman & Ancient Greek times when the benefits of “water healing” were well known.

The encompassing warmth of moving water will relax muscles which in turn can bring about a decrease in pain & muscle spasm. Stiffness can also be eased as the warmth of the water cause blood vessels to expand and blood circulation improved.

If you have any queries about our lights, or any of the services we provide, please feel free to contact us.