Everybody Should Be Able to Enjoy a Soak in the Bath

14.06.2021 | Mantaleda Baths

At Mantaleda we firmly believe everybody should be able to enjoy a soak in the bath, no matter their age or physical ability. That is why, for over 25 years it has been our aim to offer the most comprehensive range of easy-access baths, including rectangular baths, shower baths, deep soaks and lift baths.

Easy-access bathing solutions are needed by more people than you can imagine.

Chronic pain believed to impact between one third and one half of the UK’s population*. This doesn’t just include the older generations as 16% of over 16s claim to be in constant pain and 38% experience noticeable pain at least once a day*.

Bathing in a conventional style bath for those with chronic pain and additional physical requirements can be uncomfortable and difficult due to the shape and needing to climb in and out. Our Deep Soak bath collection has been specially designed to offer a safe and reliable way for individuals who do struggle to immerse and relax in the luxury of a bath.

Each Deep Soak bath features a built-in seat and an easy-to-use lockable door, allowing individuals to sit in an upright position and manoeuvre in and out easily and safely. A deep soak can also be extremely beneficial for those who struggle with chronic pain as the warm water can help to relax and release tense muscles and stiff joints*.

The Athena and Athena Mini are popular baths in our Deep Soak collection, they have a compact stylish design to suit smaller modern or traditional bathroom styles. However, just because they are compact, this does not mean they aren’t spacious; with a seat height of 370mm and internal depths of 660mm, these baths are a fantastic easy access bathing solution.


Extremely compact, the Athena and Athena Mini are the perfect alternative for when space is limited. With an integral contoured seat and generous space, the Athena is ideal for every member of the family, and with the Athena Mini we offer one of the most compact baths on the market, at 1060 x 660mm.

Perfect for:

  • Additional Physical Requirements
  • Families
  • Smaller Room Sizes

Key Features

  • Simple to operate single lever door mechanism
  • Contoured seat & generous bathing space
  • Slip resistant base
  • Dual waste for faster drainage and improved safety
  • Removable frame to aid installation