Creating a Safe Bathing Environment

15.03.2021 | Mantaleda Baths

We believe everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy a soak in the bath.

Leading easy access bath manufacturer, Mantaleda, believe everybody should be able to enjoy a soak in the bath. For individuals struggling with mobility issues, this everyday activity can be an extremely difficult task. Research has found one in five adults aged 65-69 need help with daily activities such as cooking or using the bathroom and by the time people then reach 80, this figure rises to more than half. *

For over 25 years, Mantaleda have been crafting specially designed, quality baths to provide accessible bathing for all. The power bath range is one of their four collections and offers individuals with significant mobility problems, a comfortable and easy transfer in and out of the bath.

The Aventis bath provides a safe and independent bathing environment as it is available with or without the simple to use power lift. The powered seat lift on the Aventis features fold down arm rests for additional support when being gently lowered and raised in and out of the bath. It also includes a number of other features such as a contoured seat, specially moulded bath and slip resistant base to ensure a comfortable bathing experience.

Choosing a power bath removes any concerns people may have with independent bathing and provides them with the opportunity to simply enjoy a soak in the bath.


Designed with a powered seat, the Aventis Power Lift Bath can provide a safe and independent bathing environment for everyone, especially if you have difficulty in getting up and down. The bath is available with both left and right-handed entry options.

Perfect for:

  • Significant Mobility Concerns
  • Independent Bathing

Key Features

  • Power lifting and lowering up to 150kg
  • Specially moulded bath designed to complement the seat, allowing for extra bathing depth
  • Easy access via inward opening, gadget free easy close door
  • Slip resistant base
  • Same capacity and size as conventional style baths
  • Safety features including automatic battery back-up
  • Dual waste for faster drainage and improved safety


Also available without the power lift, the Aventis Walk-In Bath provides accessible bathing for those who need it. The easy access single ended bath is available in left- and right-hand functions and features a gadget free locking mechanism, making it an ideal family bath.

Perfect for:

  • Mild Mobility Concerns
  • Families

Key Features

  • Inward Opening Door
  • Slip Resistant Base
  • Dual waste for faster drainage and improved safety
  • Hydrotherapy spa options also available

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