Bathing should be a relaxing, luxurious experience that everyone can enjoy independently.

However, with over 120,000 people affected by strokes and 1 in 6 people in the UK struggling with back pain; at Mantaleda we understand this isn’t always possible with a conventional style bath.*

Crafted in the heart of North Yorkshire, our easy access baths have been specially designed to ensure you can create a safe yet stylish bathroom that everyone can enjoy no matter their physical ability. Each bath within the four stunning collections is suitable for any bathroom space.

Mantaleda’s Walk-In Bath collection is the ideal replacement for a conventional style bath as it removes the difficulty of climbing in and out and the chance of slipping and falling. Each bath has a number of specially designed features to ensure safety and reduce the danger that can come with bathing independently and suffering from mobility issues. These features include a simple to use inward opening doors, dual waste for quicker drainage and a slip resistant base.

The Cordova and Cortega are two of the most popular double ended Walk-In Baths by Mantaleda. They both lend themselves to a modern bathroom and are available with both left and right hand opening.


Elegantly designed to lend itself to luxury bathing, the Cordova Double Ended Bath is the ideal modern alternative to a standard bath.

Perfect for:

  • Mild Mobility Concerns
  • Families

Key Features

  • Low water capacity
  • Effortless, gadget free locking mechanism
  • Easy to use, slam-shut inward opening door
  • LH & RH hinged door options
  • Low threshold step


With its sleek and simple lines as well as polished stainless-steel elements, the Cortega Double Ended Bath ensures easy bathing for those with restricted mobility and compliments the overall look of your bathroom.

Perfect for:

  • Mild Mobility Concerns
  • Families

Key Features

  • Toughened glass, inward opening door
  • Polished stainless-steel elements
  • Low threshold step in
  • Water capacity: 200 litres unoccupied
  • Additional upgrades available

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