Accessible Bathing for Total Peace of Mind

12.02.2021 | Mantaleda Baths

Our Deep Soak baths have been specially crafted to offer a reliable way for independent bathing. Each bath in the range includes a range of practical features including built-in seats, low step thresholds and simple door locks to make bathing safe.

Based in the heart of North Yorkshire, Mantaleda have been manufacturing quality baths for over 20 years.

They have become one of the leading Easy Access bath manufacturers in the UK. The company believe everybody should be able to enjoy a soak in the bath no matter their physical ability or age, so craft products to offer accessible bathing for all.

In the UK, over 14 million people are living with a disability or impairment and the most common disabilities for adults in Britain are those associated with a difficulty in mobility, lifting and carrying. To enjoy a soak, a conventional style bath isn’t a practical solution for individuals with these difficulties.

Mantaleda have carefully crafted their Deep Soak Baths to provide safe and reliable way for independent bathing, without having to compromise on style. Designed with a modern bathroom in mind, the Deep Soak Baths provide a comfortable bathing experience, giving everybody the chance to press pause and relax. The compact size of each bath in the collection, also makes them ideal solution when space is limited.

Our Deep Soak Baths include a range of practical features including built-in seats, low step thresholds and simple door locks to make bathing accessible. They also have slip resistant bases to reduce the wet surface hazard and chances of slipping and falling.


Combining an award winning, inward opening bifold door and compact size, the Maestro is a safe and stable alternative for rooms and spaces where a more conventional style of bath simply will not fit, yet there still remains a need for a walk-in deep soak solution.

Perfect for:

  • Significant Physical Requirements
  • Single Person Household
  • Smaller Room Size

Key Features

  • Easy to use inward opening door
  • Enhanced doorway access
  • Comfortable integrated seat with contoured back
  • Slip resistant base
  • Dual waste for quicker drainage and safety

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